This is one of the most distressing conditions that clients come with, especially in children. It’s also close to my heart, as my youngest son developed eczema when he moved on to formula after my breast milk began to run low. Whilst his wasn’t itchy, his face looked like he had been burned. Using kinesiology we were able to totally clear it and he has been eczema free ever since.

The good news is that it most definitely IS treatable. The greatest advantage of kinesiology, in my opinion, is the ability to muscle test. Eczema is nearly always exacerbated by foods that are being regularly ingested, or products (wash powder, conditioner, shower gels, shampoo etc) that are regularly used. We find a strong indicator muscle and then simply place the food/products on the body and when the body is unable to tolerate that substance the muscle completely ‘unlocks’ and turns weak to show that it weakens the body and it cannot cope. This takes out all the guess work and avoids weeks, if not months of omission diets and guess-work.

Other factors that often show with regards to eczema are raised histamine levels (so the individual may well also suffer from hayfever or allergic reactions). By using nutritional supplements and stress support remedies, histamine and stress levels can be lowered naturally so that the body is not in a permanent state of ‘high’ alert.

Zinc, Selenium and oil deficiency can also play a part, as can the need for powerful probiotics to rebalance the gut flora microbiome. It takes minutes to see if you or your child is deficient in any of these key nutrients which are crucial in hydrating and replenishing our skin and also in maintaining our gut health.