First and foremost, I feel it important to say that I truly believe that there is a place for conventional medicine and healthcare in our society. Kinesiology is a complimentary therapy – intended to work alongside, not instead of conventional healthcare. We all know someone whose life has been saved or health dramatically involved thanks to our National Health System and the medication and procedures that it has provided.

However, the most recent statistics (provided by a recent NHS survey of 8,000 people) reveal some quite shocking and alarming facts:
– in total, the NHS dispensed 1.1 billion prescriptions in 2016. This has increased approximately 47% in the last decade.
– 48% of people were taking one drug in an average week.
– 24% of people were taking three drugs in an average week
– in over 75s, almost half were taking five drugs or more
– one in seven adults are on statins
– one in seven adults are on blood pressure medication
– one in ten adults are on anti-depressants

So how has it got to this state? Are all of these drugs absolutely necessary? And how many of us know someone who has taken medication for one issue, only to have this cause side effects for which they need another drug, and so on and so-forth until they are taking a debilitating cocktail of drugs for what was initially only one complication?

What concerns me, is that I believe people have forgotten that there are alternative avenues to explore. Many of the drugs listed above have to be taken because people have abdicated responsibility for their own health and well-being. Instead of adjusting their diet, implementing exercise routines and nurturing activities, they have chosen the ‘quick’ fix – the drug – but at what cost? It will only ever be alleviating the symptoms, not addressing the cause.

Kinesiology can be hugely beneficial in seeing whether a client is deficient in vitamins, minerals, or any other nutrition that helps support and balance our bodies. It is also phenomenal at balancing the body’s energies and pinpointing areas that need emotional support; both aspects are crucial in maintaining our health. These conditions that are supposedly seen as something that ‘just happens’, or ‘inevitable’ as we age are NOT. They can often be prevented and treated naturally, if people are prepared to take the time and steps to nurture themselves.

In addition to this, in the cases where medication is absolutely crucial, kinesiology can help support the body (especially the organs that tend to get hit the hardest: the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys) and minimalise the toxic effects that can take their toll. Give me a call, or book in a consultation to explore the best way to bring your body back into balance.