Over the Christmas period, we will have heard many festive
songs that immediately cause an emotional reaction. Hopefully it will be one of
nostalgia and joy, but it can sometimes cause sadness, like if it brings back
memories of a loved one we have lost, or a similar time of sadness. Music lifts
the spirit and holds a special place in our hearts and minds – the magically ‘unlocking’
effect of music on someone with dementia, who has otherwise lost all memory and
purposeful interaction – is evidence of this.

Many people however are unaware of the far reaching impact
that the power of music can have on our health, on a cellular level. Masaru
Emoto conducted an experiment on water crystals, which he exposed to different
types of music and photographed the effects on the crystals. The results are
staggering: calming, soothing music produced stunning, symmetrical crystals.
Harsh, ugly, discordant music produced malformed, stunted crystals. Weird, you
might say, but how is this relevant to me? Well, in an earlier blog about our
body’s need for water, I remind you that our body’s scientific constitution is
a staggering 70% water! When a baby is born, it is even higher, at 95%. So what
we listen to – and this reaches far beyond music, to the words we also hear on
a daily basis – is having a significant
impact on our body at a cellular level.

To find out more about this fascinating process, and to see the
images of the differing crystals, go to http://www.creatingconsciously.com/books/emotowaterbook.pdf
The resource is for children, but it’s beautifully simple
and straight to the point.