You probably own a car. You are required by law to ensure
that it is running with basic safety features by having an annual MOT. If you
are wise, you also look after it by having it regularly serviced. If you didn’t,
and it broke down, you surely wouldn’t be that surprised, as you hadn’t taken
care of it and taken preventative measures for it not to get worn out. So why
do the majority of people take far better care of their vehicles than they do
of themselves?! Isn’t it strange? We spend all that (necessary) money on our
cars, but how much do we invest – not just in monetary terms, but in time as
well – on our health and wellbeing?

Cars have warning lights that go off, often hopefully before
the problem gets too severe that the vehicle completely breaks down. Again, a
sensible person does not ignore these. But how many people ignore their own red
warning lights? Any ache or pain is a red light. Any feeling of imbalance
within the body is a red light. Disease is often the amalgamation of red lights
which have gone ignored. The time has gone to break the habit and listen to
your body! Instead of masking the symptoms with medication, get to the root of
what is actually out of balance and causing the original problem. Kinesiologists can help – we are the body’s ‘mechanics’! Your muscle responses give us the clues
we need to help restore the balance.

If you were to put diesel in a petrol engine, or vice versa,
you certainly wouldn’t be surprised that it caused major problems and the
vehicle ground to a halt! If any of you believe you are fuelling your body with
a food that is in effect toxic to you, then come and find out for sure with
food sensitivity testing. Everyone has totally different biochemical body composition,
no two people are the same. With the
exception of sugar, there is no food type that is a blanket problem across the
nation. ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’ and surely it would benefit
everyone to know what they can and can’t tolerate?