It is now a recognised fact that stress is a major factor that affects health. The stress created within our bodies by man-made electromagnetic radiation can contribute considerably to poor health. Due to the insidious nature of these disturbances, it is a factor that can easily be overlooked as a fundamental contributor to illness or as an underlying cause when there is resistance to recovery from illness.

What is EMS? Electro-magnetic stress is caused by electro-magnetic pollution which is basically uncontrolled man-made electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). Our world has changed dramatically over the last 100 years and it has been estimated that the global explosion in communications and wireless technologies has increased the EMR on our planet to over 100 million times the levels that our grandparents would have experienced. In this short period of time our bodies have not been able to adapt. Each individual source of EM pollution is legally required to be below official thermal effect thresholds but collectively and over time these non-thermal emissions add to our total toxic exposure. We are all subject to varying levels of EM stress as we go about our daily lives. Some devices produce EM pollution as a by-product such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, electric blankets and electric cabling. Others such as cordless and mobile phones use pulsed EM emissions as a fundamental property of the way they work. Sources of exposure to EM stress are mobile phones and masts, cordless phone base stations (which emit at powerful levels all of the time not just when a call is being made or received), handsets, wi-fi, wi-max (described as a type of wi-fi on steroids), analogue & digital radio and TV broadcast masts, security systems, electricity distribution – pylons, cables, substations, transformers, electricity meters, electrical appliances & equipment and vehicles such as planes, trains, buses and cars. It is also important to bear in mind that the increased use of concrete & steel materials in the construction of buildings prevents healthy earth energies known as Schuman waves (to which our bodies are naturally attuned) from penetrating the buildings, creating what is known as ‘sick building syndrome’ and this contributes to toxic load.

How can EMS affect people? Everyone is affected by EM pollution to some extent because it is all around us. Some people are more resilient than others, some become so sensitive that it impacts hugely on their daily lives and health. As with geopathic stress, the way and degree to which a person is affected depends on factors such as pre-disposition, individual energetic and bio-chemical make up, the stresses and toxins to which people have been exposed during their lifetime and the way in which those stresses and toxins have been processed, and intensity and duration of EMS exposure. Long term exposure can aggravate any existing health problem. It may cause or intensify many conditions including lack of energy, fatigue, irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, emotional instability, suicidal tendencies, convulsions, depression, sleep disturbance and insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, nosebleeds, blood pressure changes, tremors, memory and concentration problems, numbness or tingling sensations in limbs, skin rashes, sore eyes, blurred vision, neuralgia, hair loss, hearing clicks, humming or high pitched whining noises, sensitivity to light, a general feeling of impending flu that never materialises, nausea and pain. EMS has also been associated with food allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity, autism, leukaemia and other cancers, anaemia, CFS, fertility problems, miscarriages, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What can we do to combat EMS? Firstly, turn off all electrical gadgets at night. Put mobile phones on airport mode at the very least and turn off routers. Do not sleep in the same room as a router. Avoid carrying your phone in your clothing next to your body as much as possible – even conventional medicine is now acknowledging that this is likely to be a contributory factor to the increase in tumours appearing. A wooden, rather than metal bed frame can help if sleep is disturbed.

Crystals and electro-magnetic chips can make a huge difference; German research (they are very ahead of the game) has found that very specific healthy frequencies in the body are put out of balance upon exposure to the various EM sources in our environment – each source affects a specific frequency or range of frequencies. Many of the frequencies that are affected are in the brain, endocrine system, and heart, and also the cell membranes. German bio-resonance machines called a Rayonex Polar can be used to imprint quartz crystals with the specific strengthening frequencies that restore balance to the body. Quartz is used because it has a neutral energy of its own, plus it absorbs and emits frequencies really well. When the imprinted crystals are worn or kept in close vicinity to the body (ie in a pocket or pinned to clothing) they restore balance and strengthen the energy field as can be verified through muscle testing and aura photography.

The harmonising chips work in a slightly different way – they have been imprinted with the same frequencies as the crystals but they also have a magnetic field which adds another layer of protection in that it reduces the micro volts in the body. Unlike the crystals, the chips can either be worn close to the body, or they can be placed on the EMS source – some people tape them to electrical appliances such as switches, flat iron handles, laptops, mobiles etc. The crystals cannot be used in this way because over time they will absorb and emit the negative energies of the EMS sources. As a result they need regular cleansing by running under water. However, the crystals do also protect against geopathic stress, which the chips do not.

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