Many clients feel reasonably confident in changing their
eating habits and making more healthy choices for their lunch and supper meals.
It’s breakfasts that seem to pose the biggest problems. The vast majority of
people have their largest, healthiest and most nutritious meal at supper-time
which isn’t advisable for several reasons: firstly, if it’s after 7pm then your
body’s digestive system is starting to shut down and go to sleep, so you will
find it very hard to digest; secondly, our food enzymes and digestive juices
are at their lowest by evening, having been used up during the day’s eating, so
food will not be digested so well; finally, after eating, most people will then
go and relax on the couch and not be moving around much so this big meal will sit
in your stomach and your posture will make it very hard to digest. This big
meal of poorly digested food also affects our sleep, as our body struggles to
break it down, our livers go into overdrive to try and cope with the toxins, we
dream crazy dreams!

It’s time to switch it all around! A hearty and healthy
breakfast has so many benefits: you are set up for the day with loads of
slow-releasing energy; this will mean that mid-morning slump and need to snack
will disappear. Your body will not be
starting the day with a sugar high caused by virtually all cereals on the
supermarket shelf (see my blog on ‘Healthy Eating Habits’ for further info) and
then continuing to crash and spike all day. The days of empty carb, high sugar
breakfasts are numbered!

So what will you be eating? Here are some sites with great
ideas for breakfasts:

As you can see, there are certain foods here that keep
cropping up. Eggs, avocadoes, fish, oats, nuts, seeds, vegetables, low GI
fruit… The biggest challenge is TIME. Prep the night before and have it ready
in the fridge. Try out recipes for the first time on weekends or days when
you’re not working so that you are confident to then do them on work days when
time is more constricted. MAKE time to prepare and eat a healthy meal in the
morning. I appreciate (got two young kids!) that it’s challenging, but it IS
possible if you decide that fuelling your body in a healthy way is a number 1
priority for you. Enjoy all those wonderful new taste-bud sensations!