Clients often ask me whether there is a product that I can recommend for them to continue taking after their treatments have successfully finished, or that I would recommend to their family or friends. I don’t generally have an answer for this, as everyone’s bodies are so biochemically unique. However, we are all – despite our best efforts – mineral depleted.

This is due to the fact that our diets sadly can no longer provide the level of minerals we need, no matter how healthily we eat: soil in the UK and Europe is 72% depleted due to poor farming methods and in the US it has been estimated that you would need to eat a massive 27,575 calories per day to get our required intake! Minerals are crucial to our health; our immunity, bone health, enzyme function, pH balance, cellular health, ability to absorb vitamins – to name but a few – are all dependant on sufficient mineral levels.

The 75 essential minerals which make up Sizzling Minerals are all derived from 70 million year old prehistoric organic plant vegetate; the fact that their source is not metallic is worth noting: approximately only 10-20% of metallic (and even chelated) mineral supplements are able to be absorbed by the body due to their molecular structure. The molecular structure of vegetate minerals is tiny in comparison – 7,000 times smaller than a blood cell and therefore much easier to absorb.

You can sign up using this link then choosing from four delicious flavours (natural, orange, cherry berry or lemon/lime). It benefits you to ensure that the ‘monthly autoship‘ is ticked, as you save £5 per month by buying in this way, which means they cost just 80p per day. It also means that the minerals will be sent to your home automatically every month – shipping is free and you have one less thing to have to remember! You are not tied in for a specific period and the autoship option can be cancelled easily at any time by logging into your account or ringing customer services – no cancellation charges are incurred. Although many people notice significant benefits to their health within weeks or even days, everyone’s experience is different and it is recommended that you try them for a period of at least three months.

Rest assured that you are ordering a 100% natural, plant-based product that is free from artificial colourings and preservatives, sugar and fat. Now you can sit back and watch your health improve as your body receives some of the vital toolsit needs to heal itself! If you would like to find out more about the product, you can watch a video presentation here: